Zoom chalks up 300 million daily participants despite security issues

That's a jump of 100 million since March.

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More and more people are using Zoom to communicate.

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Update, April 30: Zoom has updated its original blog post to clarify that it has 300 million daily meeting participants, a metric that unlike daily users counts people for every meeting they attend in a day. 

Zoom experienced another surge in daily meeting participants this month, jumping from 200 million in March to 300 million in the last three weeks, it said in a Wednesday blog post. The videoconferencing app had just 10 million in December, before the coronavirus outbreak forced millions of people to work from home, but its growth has increased scrutiny on its security and privacy issues.

The numbers came from CEO Eric Yuan's update on the company's 90-day security plan. Last month, Yuan said the firm would stop adding new features to Zoom so it can devote its resources to addressing issues like "Zoombombing," when uninvited attendees enter your meeting. 

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On Wednesday, the company said its Zoom 5 update will be available in the few next days. It'll include intrusion-blocking AES 256-bit GCM encryption and the ability for account administrators to choose the data center their video call will be routed through (in case they'd prefer to avoid a specific region).

You'll also be able to report abusive Zoom users, a feature revealed by a PC Mag report earlier this week. That option will appear in the app's new security settings menu.

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