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Zoho Writer adds pages, headers, language support

Zoho Writer gets some useful updates, bringing it a smidgen closer to its software competitors.

Zoho Writer, one of the most full featured Web alternatives to Microsoft Word, has added a handful of new features this morning. Most notable is the addition of page support and headers, making the application a little friendlier for editing large, multipage documents. While it doesn't have Word's fancy side-by-side and zoom controls, Zoho offers a good way to give your document the once over before printing. Support for headers and footers is simple, letting you add things like page numbers, text, and images to the top and bottom edges of your document.

Writer has also added Chinese language support, and a spell checker in 43 different languages to choose from a drop-down menu. I gave the tool a quick spin with a misspelled word, both in Spanish and French, and it was easily identified with appropriate suggestions for correct spelling.

More info and screen shots can be found on Zoho's blog.

Page view is all new to Zoho Writer (seen on left). People can also check spelling in 43 languages (seen on right) CNET Networks