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Yuuguu's Web collaboration tool moves to Flash

Web collaboration tool Yuuguu now only requires software for the person leading the meeting, letting others participate sans software.

Liverpool-based screen sharing and collaboration app Yuuguu this week put out an important update that solves one of the service's biggest hurdles--the need for software. The new model requires only the host to have the special Yuuguu software on his or her machine while the other 29 users can watch and interact using nothing more than Adobe Flash.

The news comes just a week and a half after the launch of a Linux version of the product, which runs just like it does on Windows and Mac machines. In either case the system sets up a special chat room and free conference call line where users can hop into a meeting using a special PIN code.

One thing to note is that regardless of whether or not the host's attendees have the software installed, screen sharing is still one-way. Update: two-way screen sharing does indeed now work, although both users will need to have the software installed to make it happen. For other services that allow smooth hand-offs check out Microsoft SharedView, or Yugma. For a software-free solution that does this same thing, check out the freshly-updated Vyew, which I wrote about on Tuesday.

Yuuguu still requires software for a meeting host, but the other participants will simply see the host's screen and this chat room in their browser. CNET Networks