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YouTube debuts 'Elections Hub,' a one-stop campaign channel

Google's video service rolls out its election-specific channel to broadcast this season's conventions, debates, speeches, and commentary from a varied mix of news outlets.

YouTube's "Election Hub" channel.
Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET

YouTube launched "Elections Hub" today -- its one-stop shop for this year's election coverage.

The video service announced that with this specialized channel, all live speeches from the upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions will be streamed. Also, people can watch Google+ Hangouts and live streams of the official presidential and vice presidential debates. The channel debuted today and will available through Election Day.

"You won't need to go anywhere else for the must-watch moments of this election cycle," YouTube news manager Olivia Ma wrote in a blog post today, "they're all happening here live."

Besides official news, speeches, and debates, other election information and analysis will be thrown into the mix from all sorts of news outlets, including ABC News, Al Jazeera English, BuzzFeed, Larry King, The New York Times, Phil DeFranco, Univision, and The Wall Street Journal.

As this campaign season heats up, several tech outlets are rolling out election-specific features. Earlier today, Facebook and CNN launched an "I'm Voting" app, which lets users display political preferences on their Facebook timelines, news feeds, and real-time tickers.