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YouTube app no longer supports older TVs, outdated iOS devices

You'll have to make sure your smart TV or mobile device is up to date if you want to continue to access the app.

The YouTube app will no longer be accessible on certain older devices. Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Google is nixing support for its YouTube app for certain older devices, including TVs and Blu-ray players, iPhones and iPads, and devices that run older versions of Google TV.

Fans of YouTube can access the popular video service through a dedicated app or through its website. Support for the dedicated app on older devices is the piece that's going away.

Why is Google making this move? On a YouTube Help page, the company explained that it's upgrading the YouTube Data API (applications programming interface) to offer more features. (The company told developers of its plans more than a year ago.) As a result, Google began shutting down the existing version Monday, which means the current YouTube app will no longer work on certain devices made in 2012 or earlier.

On the Help page, Google spells out exactly which devices will no longer be able to run the app and what you can do to update them.

Owners of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch will need to run iOS 7 or higher to download and use the YouTube app from Apple. Those still running older versions of iOS will only be able to access YouTube by visiting its mobile site through their browser.

Owners of the third-generation Apple TV can download the latest version of the YouTube app by updating software and checking for an upgrade. Those with an Apple TV that's second-generation or older are out of luck as they will longer be able to use the YouTube app.

People using a device running Google TV version 3 or 4 can continue to access the YouTube app by simply updating it to the latest version. But devices stuck on Google TV version 2 and older won't be able to update the app.

Google also mentions that owners of pre-2013 Sony and Panasonic TVs and Blu-ray players as well as game consoles may no longer be able to access the app. But if your device supports Adobe Flash and/or HTML5, you may still be able to surf to YouTube's regular website via your device's browser.

Mobile devices that run Android are not affected by this change, Google said.

(Via Engadget)

Update at 6 a.m. PT April 22: A comment from Google was added.