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You can now use Kim Kardashian's butt to express your soul's yearnings

The reality TV celebrity releases Kimoji, an app that offers texters a set of Kim K. emojis. And much like her Paper magazine pictures did to the Internet, she claims it broke the App Store.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star has her own line of emojis so you can express your love and/or disdain for her without using any big complicated words.
App Store

Kim Kardashian West seems like one of those celebrities who can get whatever they want. If Kim K. wants a tiny dog dipped in chocolate and covered with sprinkles, all she has to do is tell her assistant and a confused little chihuahua appears on her doorstep almost like magic.

How else does anyone who lives outside the "Inception" universe explain how a celeb whose fame results only from being famous has at one time or another had her own prepaid debit card, mobile game and line of temporary tattoos? Maybe that last one is for people who need some motivation to wash more.

The latest addition to roll out of Kim's empire of products is an app called "Kimoji" that lets you express yourself on your mobile device with emojis inspired by the legendary exploits and looks of the reality-show star, with more packs of icons to be released down the line.

Kim released a teaser image of the emoji line on her Instagram page Monday and later announced on her Twitter that the app would be available Monday on Apple's App Store. It appears, however, that the app's release hit some road blocks because it temporarily didn't come up when you searched "Kimoji" on the mobile App Store. Kim tweeted Monday that "so many people downloaded my Kimoji app that it affected the entire app store" and that it will "be up and running again soon."

That's right. I voluntarily visited Kim Kardashian West's Twitter and Instagram accounts. Man, the things I do for my readers.

The iOS app sells for $1.99 (£1.49, AU$2.99), and the emoji icons on the app range from the tame to the slightly raunchy. They include Kim's face bearing expressions like happiness and rage, and another "Kim wears a graduation cap for some unexplained reason" emoji that you can use to mark your recent graduation from a high school, trade school, university or celebrity school. Users can also send icons of a silver Bentley, Kim taking a selfie of herself and a frosting-covered peach.

Others are a little more, shall we say, risque for younger chatters and texters. These include the collection of caricatures of Kim's posterior and chest and an illustrated re-creation of her champagne pose in Paper Magazine that famously "broke the Internet."

But maybe I'm being too hard on Kim for releasing her app. After all, she's not the first celebrity to get their own line of emoji. The pope got his own emoji series made to commemorate his famous visit to the US in September. Then again, that line didn't include an icon that involved pole dancing.