Year in review: Terror and technology

The events of Sept. 11 turned the world on its head. Security concerns prompted the government to look at technology for answers.

CNET News staff
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Terror and technology
How Sept. 11 changed the face of business
Technology's strengths and shortcomings were in the spotlight after Sept. 11.

From cell phones that were used by victims aboard hijacked airplanes to a renewed focus on e-mail following the anthrax incidents, technology was a notable sidebar to the terrorist attacks.

While phone lines were maxed out, millions of people turned to the Internet to communicate with friends and family via instant messaging and e-mail. Many used the Web to research previously little-known organizations such as al-Qaida and the Taliban. And individuals created Web sites to keep track of the missing and dead.

In the aftermath, some foreign workers feared a backlash and privacy advocates were concerned that new law enforcement powers would erode civil rights. And politicians put a renewed focus on technologies such as face-recognition software, bomb-detection equipment and vast databases that could help prevent future attacks.

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 How do you protect your business from terror?
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October 8, 2001