Yahoo signs up BOSS search partner: Delver

By using BOSS, short for Build Your Own Search Service, the social-search start-up says it can intelligently mix social results with traditional Web results.

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Stephen Shankland

Delver, a search start-up that personalizes search results by paying attention to a person's social connections, has signed up for Yahoo's BOSS (Build Your Own Search Service).

BOSS lets larger search sites use Yahoo's search results, tailored in any way desired but stripped of any Yahoo branding, in exchange for showing Yahoo ads or sharing revenue. Delver plans to mix those results in with its own technology, which shows results drawn from publicly visible parts of social sites such as profiles, blogs, bookmarks, and videos. Smaller sites and academic projects can use BOSS for free.

"Leveraging Yahoo Search BOSS allows us to keep focusing on social-graph ranking and indexing, while providing our users with a solution that intelligently mixes social results with traditional Web results," Delver Chief Executive Liad Agmon said in a statement Tuesday.