Yahoo shuts Google AdSense competitor in Europe

A program to put ads on online publications and share revenue is closing in Europe, but Yahoo will keep Content Match in the U.S.

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Stephen Shankland

Yahoo has thrown in the towel in Europe for Content Match, an advertising partnership program that let people put Yahoo-selected ads on their Web sites.

"Yahoo Europe is closing Content Match as we do not wish to invest further resources in developing this product," Yahoo said in a statement Wednesday. "We have other products which, in the current climate, are attracting a growing proportion of advertiser spend and we would like to focus our efforts on these. These include Sponsored Search and Display, including Direct Response solutions."

Content Match competes directly with Google's AdSense program. In both cases, the companies share the ad revenue with the publishers. Using such programs has become a way for bloggers to make some money off their sites--and also a way for people to try to game the system by.

Yahoo's European operation told partners the program would be shut down March 31. The U.S. Content Match program is not being shut down, Yahoo said in its statement.

(Via Search Engine Land.)