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Yahoo reportedly eyeing two more acquisitions

The company has contact app provider Xobni and video app maker Qwiki in its sights, according to AllThings D.

Yahoo may be looking to continue its spending spree with the acquisitions of a couple of app makers.

Yahoo has reportedly offered to pay $30 million to $40 million to buy Xobni, AllThingsD reported Monday, citing "numerous sources" close to the company.

Xobni, which is "inbox" spelled backwards, offers desktop and mobile apps that can automatically create an address book based on your e-mails. As such, Yahoo may be eyeing the Xobni as a natural fit for its own online mail service.

And there's a common thread between the two companies, AllThingsD noted. Xobni's CEO Jeff Bonforte was previously the vice president of social search and real-time communications at Yahoo.

Another app maker may also be on Yahoo's radar. Again citing sources close to Yahoo, AllThingsD said Tuesday that the company is thinking of paying as much as $50 million to acquire Qwiki, which offers an iPhone app that lets you create movie clips from your photos, music, and videos. The two companies are reportedly at an advanced state of discussions over an acquisition deal.

Purchasing Qwiki also would be part of Yahoo's renewed focus on the mobile market. Last October, CEO Marissa Mayer said that "our top priority is a focused, coherent mobile strategy."

Yahoo has been on an acquisition craze this year, buying location-based app maker Alike in February, news-reading app Summly in March, gaming sofware developer PlayerScale in May, iOS camera app maker GhostBird Software this month, and conference-call service provider Rondee, also this month.

But the biggest deal so far since Mayer took the helm has been the $1.1 billion purchase of Tumblr.