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Yahoo partnering with Woot for new daily deals site

Yahoo and Woot have a new shopping site called Sellout. Get it?

In the past couple of years has grown from a five-days-a-week deals site to a veritable three-store conglomerate that features a new deal every day, and a wine and T-shirt spinoffs. Today they announced their partnership with Yahoo, as part of Yahoo Shopping for a new co-branded site called Sellout.Woot. The site will serve up a completely different offering than the standard Woot store, and carry with it a small amount of Yahoo branding.

The only way to access the site is via Yahoo Shopping's front page, in what Yahoo is calling the "Deal of the Day." Like the current Woot setup, deals will get refreshed at midnight EST. You can point your browser to for the time being, although when the site truly goes "live" you'll be re-directed to the front door of Yahoo Shopping. There's also a widget for your MyYahoo page that will update alongside the site's RSS feed.

Since it's just a partnership, Yahoo users will still need to register with Woot to buy the item--there is no cross sharing of user accounts between the two companies. This is a big win for Woot, although current Woot users are likely to feel a twinge of angst at possibility of deals selling out faster with a larger crowd of users that make their way onto Woot's other sales properties.

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The front door of Yahoo Shopping now features the 'Deal of the Day' from the folks at CNET Networks