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Yahoo Mail mobile gets a modest makeover, launches for Android Go

It looks like the service is targeting low-cost, low-bandwidth markets for growth.


If you can't be the heavyweight, go for lightweight. That seems to be Yahoo Mail's strategy for its latest round of updates: more app-like features for its mobile site gets more app-like features and new app targeting Android Go.

Yes, people still use Yahoo Mail. It has almost 230 million active users, despite being the victim of a huge data breach that was disclosed last year.

The Android Go version of Yahoo Mail is smaller and more lightweight than the standard app. Android Go is typically available in markets where people need inexpensive phones that can operate on low-bandwidth or spotty networks.  

The mobile site update adds swipe to delete and mark as read, a pop-out sidebar for folders, color themes and email-address suggestions, which make it look and feel more like an app. It also adds support for Android's ability to add browser shortcuts to your home screen.