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Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0: A review

Get instant access to online services, including Flickr and Yahoo Web mail.

Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0

When it comes to mobile browsing, most cell phone users are stuck with the Web portals provided by their carriers. Not only that, but accessing Web mail and conducting online searches on most cell phones can take a painfully long time. If you're a fan of Yahoo's services, then the new Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0 may be the solution to your mobile-surfing woes. Compatible with more than 175 handsets, the Yahoo Go for Mobile 2.0 software provides instant access to Yahoo services and information sources like Web mail, local directories, maps, news, and even Flickr, the photo-sharing darling of the Web 2.0 world. It also incorporates a new mobile search system Yahoo calls oneSearch, which displays search results in a custom Web page for easier navigation. You can read more of what we thought of this new mobile service in our full review here.