Yahoo Buzz plugs into social network

Yahoo's Buzz site for recommending and finding interesting sites now is integrated with the social connections enabled by the Yahoo Open Strategy.

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Yahoo Buzz now shows what your contacts have buzzed.
Yahoo Buzz now shows what your contacts have buzzed. Yahoo

Yahoo's Buzz service, which lets people spotlight and find interesting Web sites, is now getting a piece of the Yahoo Open Strategy action.

A new Updates section on Yahoo Buzz site now displays sites that a person's social contacts have buzzed, Yahoo announced Thursday. In addition, people can share a personalized Buzz page that shows activity such as what sites they've buzzed, the sites they've voted up or down, and the comments they've left about buzzed sites.

"Yahoo is committed to creating the most relevant experience by enabling social interactions inside and outside of Yahoo's network," the company said in a statement.

The new version of Yahoo Messenger, still in beta testing, also can show what a person's social connections are buzzing and other activity that's shared through the Yahoo Open Strategy.