Yahoo Bookmarks: Straightforward and useful

Yahoo Bookmarks: Straightforward and useful

Rafe Needleman Former Editor at Large
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Rafe Needleman
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Yahoo just launched a beta of Yahoo Bookmarks, a hugely improved version of its current bookmark saver. It's a useful tool. I found it to be limited in scope, but that's actually a good thing right now. There are some really interesting information-collecting tools on the Web right now that are probably too complex for most users (yes, I'm talking to you, Diigo). Yahoo even has two other bookmarking tools itself: Del.icio.us and Yahoo My Web, both of which are more geared toward sharing bookmarks than saving them for yourself. [See related blog post.]

Yahoo Bookmarks is a very attractive bookmark tool. Saving pages is easy, via either a bookmarklet or a new button on the Yahoo browser toolbar. It saves thumbnails of pages alongside your links, and you can either categorize pages, or tag them, or both--and you can select and change your organizational scheme (categories or tags) whenever you want. You can also drag your bookmarks onto categories or tags to organize them.

Bookmarks works alongside Del.icio.us and My Web; it can import your Del.icio.us bookmarks (a bit more cumbersome than it should be, but it does work) to get yourself started in Bookmarks, and the Recommended tab on Bookmarks apes the My Web home page.

You can share your bookmarks easily. There's a nice tool to send a collection of bookmarks via e-mail. If this tool has been around in May, I could have used it instead of JetEye to send a collection of products to a contractor.

If you want a simple and clear way to collect bookmarks (beyond your browser, that is), check out this tool. See also our comparison of bookmarking tools, Save every Web site.