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Worse than the old Plaxo? (Email by WebLaunch)

Don't have enough SPAM? Unsubscribe to resumes now too.

There is an incredibly annoying trend that I am suffering where candidates are sending me resumes using a service that basically requires me to opt-out if I don't respond to the first email. This is actually more annoying than Plaxo, which was the bane of early 2000's and has now righted its course (though I still don't use it.)

Let me just tell anyone that thinks that this is a good idea that they are dead wrong. An impersonal email to the CEO that gets resent every few days will force me to write you off and make sure no one I know hires you since you can't even go through the effort of sending a personal note.

They all seem to come from this BLI company and you can't opt-out forever...you have to do it for each email. This is one of those things that probably seemed a good idea but in practice completely sucks. No one wants resume SPAM.