World Cup's Germany-Brazil game is most-tweeted sports event

The match between Germany and Brazil generated 35.6 million tweets, breaking a Twitter record.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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The blowout between Germany and Brazil was a hot topic on Twitter on Tuesday.

The social network tweeted yesterday that there were 35.6 million tweets published during the match between Brazil and Germany, making it "the most-discussed single sports game ever on Twitter." Brazil's Júlio César and Germany's Miroslav Klose were the most-mentioned players from the match.

Twitter often shares major tweet milestones. The company has discovered that its users are heavily involved with its social network when major events occur. Everything from the Super Bowl to geopolitical events tend to cause an uptick in tweets. Last year's Boston Marathon bombings nearly reached the number of tweets that the World Cup game garnered on Tuesday, when 27 million tweets were published during the horrific event.

The Brazil-Germany game was arguably one of the most anticipated of the entire World Cup. The World Cup is ongoing in Brazil, and the home team had a real chance in the semifinal game to reach the finals and take home the championship. Instead, the country was handed a massive defeat, losing the match 7-1 to Germany.

The huge difference in scores, along with the importance of the match, combined to make the event important to Twitter users, the company said. When Germany's Sami Khedira scored during the match, 580,000 tweets were hitting the social network every minute. When Germany's Toni Kroos scored his second goal of the match, nearly 509,000 tweets per minute hit the social network.

CNET has contacted Twitter for additional comment on the news. We will update this story when we have more information.