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@Work Remote for telecommuters

The @Home division that provides high-speed Net access to businesses strikes partnerships to extend the local area network to telecommuters.

@Work, the @Home division that provides high-speed Net access to businesses, said today it struck a deal with Tele-Communications Incorporated, Cox Communications, and Comcast Corporation to roll out @Work Remote, extending the local area network to telecommuters.

The company hopes to capture a share of the estimated 11 million telecommuters, who mostly work for Fortune 5,000 companies. @Home said this marks the first formal foray of cable modems into the commercial space.

However, it faces stiff competition from telecommunications carriers in providing high-speed Net access such as DSL (digital subscriber line). As previously reported, Pacific Bell this month plans to roll out DSL service in @Home's backyard of Silicon Valley in a market trial. Last month, US West launched a commercial rollout of DSL in Phoenix, and it plans to offer the service throughout its Western territory during the next six months.

The rollout of @Work Remote is expected to occur in the first part of next year, a spokesman said. Pricing has not yet been determined. The service is meant to deliver "always on" end-to-end TCP/IP data connectivity between a business and a worker's home.

@Work offers connectivity via options that include hybrid fiber coaxial and telco circuits.