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WordPress to release iPhone app

Blog platform announces its iPhone blogging tool that you can use to create posts and upload images from a camera or a library.

When the iPhone App Store was mentioned in Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote, one of the many applications announced was a TypePad blogging tool, courtesy of Six Apart (The company also makes two other blogging tools; Movable Type and Vox). Now that the App Store has launched, other blogging platforms like WordPress are coming forward with their own iPhone app plans.

Today, WordPress put out a video demonstrating its very own iPhone blogging tool, which supports WordPress.com blogs and self-hosted WordPress.org blogs (as long as it's version 2.5.1 or later). WordPress promises the iPhone app will let you create and edit posts, will support multiple blogs as well as privacy settings, plus it will let you upload images directly from your camera or library. You can also preview the post in the iPhone's Safari browser before hitting Publish. While you can currently post to your WordPress blog via the Safari browser, this native iPhone app will hopefully offer a better and more seamless experience. It isn't out yet, but seeing as the App Store is live and the iPhone 3G will be in U.S. stores tomorrow, we expect it'll be out very soon. We expect to see a similar iPhone app from Blogger soon as well.