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With Snap Kit, Snapchat's crazy vibe comes to other apps

Yes, now your Snapchat Stories full of vomit rainbows can follow you to other apps.

Now you can use Snapchat's features in Postmates to snap best nearby restaurant options.

Snapchat wants to take over on your smartphone.

Snap on Thursday launched Snap Kit, a platform for developers that'll let them integrate Snapchat's experiences into other apps. This means you can expect to start seeing filters, bitmoji and stories outside Snapchat, a Snap spokesperson said in a release.

Like Snap's recent expansion of friendmoji, it's yet another move by the company to draw in more users and broaden its horizons beyond Snapchat. Now you can use Snapchat's features in Postmates to snap best nearby restaurant options, to send bitmoji on Tinder, to share listings and view sellers' stories on Poshmark and more.

Another part of Snap Kit is an application, dubbed Login Kit, that'll let people log in to other apps with their Snapchat account -- similar to Facebook Login or Google Sign-In. This could be popular with the younger set given that a recent Pew study showed 69 percent of teens use Snapchat while only 51 percent prefer Facebook.

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