Windows Live offers a vast array of services

chart What exactly is Microsoft making available via Windows Live? The complete list is here.

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Windows Live services online and on tap

By Staff, CNET News.com
Published: March 14, 2006, 4:00 AM PST

It's taken Microsoft five years to develop the next Windows, but Windows Live services are proving faster and easier to deliver to consumers with a tweak here and a twitch there.

Product Code name Description Competitors Status
Windows Live Mail Kahuna Successor to Hotmail, more like a traditional e-mail program such as Outlook Yahoo Mail, Gmail Reached the "M6" beta stage in May, more than 1 million users
Windows Live Search Microsoft's homegrown search engine Google, Yahoo, Accoona Public beta launched in March
Windows Live Local Maps and directions; Bird's eye and street-level images Google, Yahoo Public beta launched in December
Windows Live Search Mobile The mobile version of homegrown search Google, Yahoo Beta
Windows Live Expo Fremont A free online marketplace for goods that can also be limited to a social network Craigslist, eBay Recently moved from internal and limited testing into U.S. public beta
Windows Live Family Safety Settings Vegas Parental control tools for monitoring children's online use Net Nanny In limited beta with fewer than 10,000 testers; public test expected in early summer
Windows Live OneCare A1 Subscription antivirus service Symantec, McAfee Paid service launched at the end of May
Windows Live Video Warhol User-generated video YouTube, Google Video Not yet in public testing
Windows Live Messenger Successor to MSN Messenger, adds social networking and contact-sharing features Yahoo Messenger; AIM; ICQ; Gmail chat; Plaxo Final version launched June 19.
Live.com Based on Start.com, a home page with gadgets, RSS feeds and more MyYahoo, Google Public beta with 3 million registered users
Microsoft Gadgets Small applications written in Javascript and HTML, used by Live.com and Windows Vista Yahoo Widgets, Apple's Dashboard More than 160 gadgets available
AdCenter Moonshot For serving up paid search ads; Uses demographics to help target the marketing message Yahoo, Google Launched in Singapore and France and in beta in the U.S.; serves 40% of MSN paid-search ads
Windows Live Safety Center Free basic antivirus protection McAfee, Symantec Beta; performed 1.3 million scans and cleaned 150,000 PCs as of February.
Windows Live Favorites Stores Web bookmarks online Launched in June.
Windows Live Custom Domains A way for people to use Windows Live Mail with their existing e-mail domain Google Limited beta, U.S.-only
Windows Live Toolbar A collection of services under a common Web toolbar Yahoo, Google Beta launched in March
Windows Live Answers Direct answers to fact-based Web queries Yahoo Answers; Google Answers No ETA
Windows Live Clipboard Outlined by Ray Ozzie, uses a mashup of technologies to allow an online equivalent of a PC's clipboard
Windows Live ID A new authentication tool for Live services, based on Passport, Microsoft's once-controversial authentication service Liberty Alliance Expected to be released later this year
Windows Live Mail Desktop A desktop application for viewing Windows Live Mail Google, Yahoo Went into early beta testing March 28, broader testing expected in the spring

Sources: Microsoft, CNET News.com research

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