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Windows Blue leaks with side-by-side apps, teeny tiny tiles

The next version of Windows has been leaked online, giving us a glimpse of what to expect.

Windows Blue, the upcoming edition of Microsoft's Windows 8 platform has leaked online according to reports, offering a teasing glimpse of what to expect from the new slice of software.

The build has been made available on file-sharing sites, the Verge reports -- though as always we'd recommend waiting for Microsoft's official update rather than sticking a half-baked, leaked loaf of software into your computer's processing oven.

New features reckoned to be on board are much smaller live tiles on the Start screen, as you can see in the leaked screenshot above, which was one of several posted to winforum.eu.

For my money this view looks a lot more attractive than the restrictive grid Windows 8 customers are currently lumbered with, and mirrors the move from Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8, when Microsoft decided smart phone owners are grown-up enough to resize homescreen tiles if they choose.

More settings options from the Start screen are also said to be part of the upcoming version, as well as the power to give two apps equal chunks of screen real-estate in a side-by-side view -- handy for multi-tasking.

A new version of Internet Explorer is also expected to be part of Windows Blue, as well as refined touch-sensitivity.

It's fair to say that Windows 8 hasn't been a roaring success so far, but perhaps some nifty new software features will perk up the platform, and convince those using older versions of Windows to upgrade.

Are you using Windows 8? Or are you perfectly happy with your current operating system thankyouverymuch? Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: Winforum.eu