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Windows 8 for tablets not desktops, say attractive CNET UK readers

Sixty per cent of people who responded to our Facebook poll reckon the new Windows 8 interface will be fine for tablets, but won't work well for desktop PCs.

The new Windows 8 interface is well suited to tablets, but doesn't look like it'll work that well on desktop PCs. That's the view of a massive 60 per cent of our handsome, enlightened readership, according to a poll we conducted over the weekend.

And we're inclined to agree. The all-new Windows 8 interface uses the 'Metro' tile-based stylings from Windows Phone, laid over the traditional Windows framework. In demo videos Microsoft's enthused that the new look will work equally well on chunky mouse and keyboard machines, but it only takes one look to see that the colourful patchwork visuals are built for touchscreen devices.

Does this mean Microsoft's moving away from its desktop roots to focus on touchscreen devices? Tablets are definitely trendy at the moment, and we wouldn't be surprised if in five years we're all using tablets as our regular computers, while riding our hoverboards to the space-disco.

Generally the response to the new interface has been very positive. Some 240 people have responded to our poll so far, with 87 (36 per cent) ticking the box marked 'Great idea! Looks slick and modern.' Only 4 per cent opted for 'Disaster! Looks way too restrictive', which is a very positive sign.

One commenter on our poll opined, "I don't feel like using [a] mouse to navigate with tiles is natural, they are made to be touched," but soundly noted, "it's too early to jump to conclusions."

Not everyone's enamoured with the colourful interface -- one commenter wrote, "I believe that the latest Windows OS's are becoming way to graphical. I prefer the good old Windows 2000 Classic style."

Another commenter pretty much hit the nail on the head: "Let's be honest, it's Windows 7 wearing a hat."

There's still time to vote, and for goodness sake, don't forget to rock on up to our official Facebook page and hammer that 'Like' button, for behind-the-scenes photos and videos, polls and assorted hogwash from the CNET UK team.