Windows 8.1 update 2 reportedly will land August 12

The next update to Windows 8.1 will arrive during August's Patch Tuesday, claims a Russian website.

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Windows 8.1 users can expect the next update to the OS in less than a month. At least so claims one site.

Leaked information from Russian site PCPortal.org.ru pegs August 12 as the date for Windows 8.1 update 2, according to tech news site Neowin. Though the report can't be confirmed, Neowin considers it authentic based on prior information.

In April, sources told ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley that Update 2 could arrive in August. Microsoft's Patch Tuesday, the time when the company rolls out new patches and bug fixes, is typically the second Tuesday of the month, so August 12 seems like a logical date for the update.

Responding to CNET's request for comment, a Microsoft spokesperson said that the company had nothing to share about


Given the lackluster response to Windows 8, especially among desktop users, Microsoft has been on a mission to enhance Windows 8.1 with more features and functionality via each new update. In April, the software giant released a Windows 8.1 update that brought with it a dedicated Start screen Power button, the ability to pin Windows 8 apps to the taskbar, and other helpful tweaks for keyboard and mouse users.

Could an August update deliver significant new features? It's hard to say, but probably not.

The alleged description leaked by PCPortal.org.ru did say the August update will include new features and functionality. However, previous reports suggest the update itself will be minor and may simply include bug fixes and stability tweaks for existing features. Microsoft initially planned to bring back the Start menu in Windows 8.1 Update 2. But the company apparently changed its mind and now intends to revive the Start menu in what could be Windows 9, aka Threshold, slated for release in April 2015.

As seen in Microsoft screenshots, the new Start menu would blend the traditional Start menu with the Start screen so users can access desktop applications and settings as well as Metro, aka Modern, apps from a single spot.