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Whitewater "micro-acres" for sale

An older and less lurid scandal involving the president is offering an Internet entrepreneur an opportunity to make a buck in real estate.

While the latest allegations of sexual impropriety buffet the White House, an older and less lurid Clinton scandal is offering an Internet entrepreneur an opportunity to make a buck in real estate.

Via the Net, Carey Carpenter, an Arkansas rancher and New Mexico real estate broker, is selling what he calls "Whitewater Micro-Acres," square-foot-sized plots of land near the housing development that got the First Couple into so much hot water in recent years. The plots, sold over Carpenter's Web site, are priced at $35 apiece. Customers pay by check, not e-commerce.

Located in Arkansas' Ozark mountains near the hamlet of Flippin, the "micro-acres" supposedly come with an "official" deed, though that could not be confirmed.

The plots' small size is touted as one of its chief advantages: "You won't need to spend on improvements, or a driveway, or drill a well," advises Carpenter's Web site. "In fact, it is quite likely that unless you have a good pair of hiking boots, no one but wild animals will ever set foot on your micro-acre."

The site also assures potential investors that the property will escape the notice of the local tax assessor.

Why would investors want to own a Whitewater "micro-acre" in the first place? Carpenter could not be reached for comment, but his Web site offers this rationale: "They can say they're Whitewater investors and not be lying."