What's powering gaming PCs?

Intel and Nvidia dominate gamer PCs, according to a recent survey by Valve Software. Plus: The Windows Vista connection.

Dave Rosenberg Co-founder, MuleSource
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Dave Rosenberg

Valve just released November's hardware report, surveying users of the Steam on-demand gaming platform.

Steam is a very interesting cloud-based service that allows users to play games on any PC and that maintains the state of not only your gaming, but your community as well. This model encourages more game play and a higher likelihood that users purchase additional services as time goes on. It also puts some control back in the hands of the users, who aren't burdened by DRM.

Gaming hardware on Steam
Gaming hardware on Steam Valve/Steam

Some interesting statistics:
• 70 percent of users are running Windows XP
• 65 percent of users have Nvidia graphics cards
• 64 percent of users run Intel processors (versus AMD's 36 percent)

While these results are not surprising, I would expect to start seeing more Vista adoption simply to get the DirectX10 graphic performance.

Dig in to the hardware survey for more details