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What's next for Microsoft

Premium versions of Windows, Office are in the offing. Also: More Hotmail features, new IE security, low-cost Windows update.

CEO Steve Ballmer says premium versions of Windows and Office are in the offing. Also: More features for Hotmail, new security for IE, update on low-cost Windows.

Ballmer: High-end Windows, Office coming

Microsoft's CEO tells analysts that higher-priced versions of its core products are on tap.
July 28, 2005

Microsoft cooking up more features for Hotmail

Company will turn up the heat on Net rivals with changes to its Web-based e-mail service.
July 28, 2005

Microsoft enlists security partner in IE update

New version of Internet Explorer, released for testing this week, taps WholeSecurity for antiphishing feature.
July 28, 2005

Microsoft: Low-cost Windows gaining ground

The head of desktop Windows says there are opportunities for growth from XP Starter, but highlights challenges from Linux and Apple.
July 28, 2005

Microsoft lands desktop megadeals in U.K.

HM Revenue & Customs and the Department for Work and Pensions will both move to Windows XP.
July 28, 2005

Testers lock horns with Vista beta

A beta version of the newly renamed Longhorn is now in developers' hands. What can they expect?
July 27, 2005

images Microsoft offers a first view of its new operating system's features.
July 27, 2005

A window into Vista

newsmaker Windows chief Jim Allchin talks about the challenges ahead and how the new OS might help conserve electricity.
July 27, 2005 related coverage

Everyone wants 'free' Windows...

Microsoft is the main target as entertainment media and software piracy tops $90 million worldwide, according to a consultancy.
July 26, 2005

Piracy-check mandatory for Windows add-ons

From now on, customers looking to get the latest add-ons to Windows will have to verify that their copy of the operating system is legit.
July 25, 2005