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Wetpaint adds private messaging to Wiki service

Wiki service gets private messaging for group communication and collaboration.

Wetpaint, the wiki editing and hosting service, added private and group messaging this morning. The new service allows users to communicate one-on-one just like e-mail, and gives wiki administrators a new way to communicate to those moderating and contributing to their pages.

Sending a message in the service is pretty simple. If you're signed in, just click a user's name to pull up a "send message" pop-up. If you want to send out a group message, just start typing in names and the service will pull them up (like Gmail does).

In comparison, wiki juggernaut Wikipediarelies on private e-mail and threaded discussion called "Talk" for member-to-member communication. That site also has dedicated IRC chat rooms and a listing of chat client screen names for Wikipedia contributors. Wetpaint's new system makes things a little simpler by consolidating chatter into one medium, and integrating it into the site.

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When you reply to a message, Wetpaint will automatically add the previous messages in the thread below. It's just like e-mail.
To privately message another user, just click on his or her name. CNET Networks