Wendy's burns the Twitterverse with annual 'roast' day

The burger chain gave fans a serious flame-broiling on Twitter.

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Wendy's says it rooted out malware on some of its point-of-sales systems.

Wendy's is once again celebrating #NationalRoastDay by slinging digs at willing Twitter users

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Wendy's launched its "#NationalRoastDay" campaign on Twitter Wednesday, inviting fans to nominate themselves for a shady slight from the square-burger purveyor's social media team.

The annual marketing campaign drew requests for cheeky insults from thousands of users, as well as other food and beverage companies, including Mike's Hard Lemonade, Oreo, Velveeta and Oscar Mayer.

When Triscuit put itself in the line of fire, the fast-food chain congratulated the snack company for making "a cracker that tastes the same 10 years after you open the box."

Wendy's also took potshots at Oculus VR and Axe body spray.

When Aflac joined in, Wendy's simply replied with a stock photo of a roast duck -- a knock at the insurance carrier's mallard mascot.

"Most jobs can be replaced by technology," Wendy's told Omaha meteorologist Caitlin Harvey. "Yours can be replaced by looking out a window."

Users who reply to Wendy's call for mortification are eligible for free medium fries with purchase in the Wendy's app. "Gotta do something with all this salt," the company wrote.

The chain's Twitter account has long been known for its irreverence: In 2017, after McDonald's accidentally tweeted out dummy copy on Black Friday, Wendy's replied, "When the tweets are as broken as the ice cream machine."

Wendy's Twitter profile reads, "We like our tweets the way we like our fries: hot, crispy, and better than anyone expects from a fast-food restaurant."

Founded by Dave Thomas in 1969, the company has more than 6,700 locations, including 1,000 outside of the United States
Wendy's did not immediately reply to a request for comment.