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Welcome to the all-new Crave: The gadget blog from CNET UK

See what's new in our re-designed, revamped and re-launched Crave section: the gadget blog from CNET UK

As those of you who regularly use the forums will know, we've been hard at work for months to bring you an exciting new Crave, and today we're delighted to take the wrapper off our new-look section.

We've changed the design to give us more space for words and pictures, and to make the layout consistent with the rest of the 'new look' bits of the site (the home page, forums, videos and photos).

The left-hand navigation bar has been replaced by a red sub-nav box at the top of the page. Your feedback was that you can find the different areas we write about confusing, so we've highlighted only the ones you care about most, with an 'all categories' button if you want to see all the channels we offer in Crave.

We've made it easier to see who the author of a story is, and clicking their name takes you to their personal blog, which features a list of more stories by them.

It's also simpler to see all the stories in a channel. If you're reading a piece about a mobile phone, for example, simply click the 'mobile phone' button to be taken to the category homepage, which lists all the stories in that area.

Sharing stories is easier than in the previous design. The Buzz, Digg, Facebook and StumbleUpon buttons take you straight to the areas of those sites that deal with referrals.

Comments have been re-designed, and we will have the ability to link directly to a forum topic instead of comments, which we plan to use for podcast stories to help promote discussion between members of the CNET UK community.

And let's not forget the new Crave logo and strapline, which we're reliably informed will make its debut on the US version of Crave soon.

We've also added new channels for Car Tech, accessories and the podcast, which will make it easier to find stories in those categories.

But the good news is there are more changes planned for the next few months. If there's anything you would like to see changed or added, please let us know in the comments. And if you see any bugs, give us a shout and we'll fix them.