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Week in pictures: Super views, tricky pics

roundup Super Bowl challenge, celebrity mugs and laptops with attitude. Also: Pictures worth a thousand lies.

Super Bowl challenge, celebrity mugs and laptops with attitude. Also: Pictures worth a thousand lies.

You know football. But from on high, can you identify the stadiums of teams that have won the big game? February 2, 2006

Scientific fraud. Tabloid hijinks. Digital tinkering with photos is rampant, but new software could help set the record straight. January 31, 2006

Custom designs are catching on as start-ups and tech giants realize many people are sick of plain old PCs. January 30, 2006

The muckraking Web site has turned up plenty of mug shots of well-known figures. Here are some. February 1, 2006

"See you in the funny pages" takes on a new meaning for cartoon artists who are making a new home on the Web. February 2, 2006

Specially equipped low-flying commuter aircraft starred in a recent experiment designed to gather weather data. January 31, 2006

Sidebar's "gadgets" are similar in concept to Apple's widget idea in the Dashboard feature of Mac OS X and in the Yahoo Widget Engine. February 2, 2006

Microsoft's new browser offers new features, including Quick Tabs. January 31, 2006

After 10 days of relative calm, Alaska's Augustine Volcano roars back to life. January 30, 2006

Cingular Wireless has begun offering the Slvr, an iTunes-compatible phone from Motorola. January 31, 2006

The new Mobile ESPN service is part of a growing trend in which big consumer companies extend their brands by providing cell phone service. February 3, 2006

Experimental designs of silicon transistors may have applications in low-power nanoelectronics. February 2, 2006

Furry little forecaster Punxsutawney Phil emerges from his burrow with a winter weather prediction. February 2, 2006

Where Hewlett-Packard once talked to its customers' IT departments, it has now looped in facilities as well. The subject: energy costs. January 29, 2006

New technology uses infrared scan of the blood cells running through veins to identify humans. February 1, 2006