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Webz preps HTML-less Web builder

A San Francisco-based startup plans to ship on February 15 a Web-page building toolkit that requires no HTML coding and no desktop software.

Webz Development, Inc., a startup based in San Francisco, will make available on February 15 a new Web-page building kit aimed at novice users with no knowledge of HTML.

Called 1-Step, the package resides on the company's Web site and requires no downloading of client software to the user's desktop. Instead, users access 1-Step on the Webz server. The fee for accessing the software has not been set.

"This is a method that lets people get in through their browser--Netscape works best--fill out templates, and create Web pages," said Brian Chew, marketing director for Webz. The 1-Step package also offers clip art and other elements to dress up Web pages. A set of Java animations will be added shortly after the release date, Chew said.

To ease Web-page design, 1-Step is completely template driven. Users familiar with HTML can add their own tags in the templates also. Because 1-Step is completely integrated with the Webz server, no ftp downloading is required, said Chew.

In addition, a monitoring utility lets novice users track all changes made during any editing sessions so that changes can be undone easily. For more information on how to build your own Web site, check out this CNET feature.