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Webware roundup

A quick look at new Webware that might have gone under the radar.

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Google Patent Search

Dealing with the government's patent Web site is borderline nightmarish. Google's new patent search pulls information from the same database, but offers a cleaner and even more searchable patent browsing experience. Did you really think nobody had patented a squid lure with a longitudinally contiguous core and shank? Think again.

Yahoo Music Video 3 beta launches tomorrow

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Yahoo's updated music video service has higher bit rates and some new social recommendation features. The interface has also been streamlined considerably, with tighter side margins; there's now room for a user-configurable queue. Nothing groundbreaking being added, but a nice update nonetheless. We're betting you still have to log in with a Yahoo ID to use the service, which seems like a deal breaker for casual users. (Source: TechCrunch)

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Loopnote lets you bug your friends, family

Loopnote provides a notification service in four mediums of communication--RSS, e-mail, SMS, and IM--to put the word out to subscribers of your loop. Registration involves verifying any of the four services, then you're able to send notes. The real-world application for this service is out there; people just have to deal with the registration and verification process to subscribe to your feed.