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Webware 100 winner: Box.net

Box.net is a storage provider that lets you dump and store your files on the Web.

      Box.net is an online Web storage provider. Users can store 1GB of whatever they want, or pay a little extra for more space with the service's premium plans. What really makes the service stand out is its slick-looking file-sharing widgets. Users get instant previews of images, music, and text documents. The files reside in your Box.net storage area, and as the widget owner you can even upload files through the widget.

      In 2007, Box.net launched a development platform for third-party sites and services to tap into Box.net's file systems to run applications right within the file browser. Users can add these services to their Box.net accounts free of charge, and tap into them by right-clicking on files. So far, there are more than 20 application tie-ins, with more on the way in 2008.

      Winner: Box.net (Box.net)
      Category: Utility