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Webthreads builds custom sites

New tool lets businesses track users' Web surfing habits and build sites that present customized information.

A startup company is shipping a tool that lets businesses track users' Web surfing habits and customize Web site content for each user.

Webthreads namesake tool provides tracking of users and their actions on a particular site so companies can measure the effectiveness of marketing and advertising content.

The tool also lets site administrators and HTML programmers build sites that automatically tailor content to fit a particular user's surfing habits, according to the company. So once a surfing pattern is discovered, marketing or advertising content can be rearranged to be most effective. Lastly, the tool also allows programmers to build reusable Web applications.

The company also sees the tool as useful for banks and other financial institutions building online banking services that can be tailored to individual users.

Webthreads is priced at $895 for a version that includes site tracking and dynamic updating. A Professional Developer's version for Web site construction will be introduced later this year. No pricing has been set.