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Web-based Nintendo Mii maker, I just lost an hour of my workday

Recreate the Mii experience with the Mii Editor, a free tool to make avatars that look just like the ones you'll find on Nintendo's Wii.

Here's CNET's very own Rafe Needleman. The beard is a bit off, and his hair isn't nearly as shiny, but the resemblance is striking.
CNET Networks

It's no secret the Nintendo Wii has been doing extremely well as a gaming platform. One of the best things to do out of the box is play around with the Mii channel, a personal avatar creation tool for tailoring every aspect of your virtual persona. It didn't take long for an enterprising developer from Adobeto re-create the same experience online, which has resulted in the Mii Editor.

Mii Editor is a near-perfect recreation of the Nintendo Mii creation tool, right down to the interface. Users can change face shape, hair, eyebrows, eyes, and small details like glasses and facial hair. The entire setup runs in Adobe Flash, so there's no load time or need to refresh when making changes.

When you're done, there are several export options, including social-network friendly JPEG files and a URL permalink to send to friends. While some of the Wii magic is lost doing this with a mouse and a computer screen, making these things is a blast.

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There are a ton of eye choices to choose from. In this case, we've gone for 'crazy'. CNET Networks
Glasses and facial hair are manageable as well. There's even the option to choose the lens color. CNET Networks