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Web 2.oh no

Uncov is a new blog that holds nothing back in criticizing Web 2.0 startups.

Uncov paints Web 2.0 ideas with coats of withering criticism.

There's a new Web 2.0 reviews blog: Uncov. This one is different, though. It's nasty. The Uncov writers, apparently software developers, hate almost everything, including their paying clients. But their technical theories make their reviews a worthwhile counterpart to writeups you'll read here and elsewhere. It's fun to read how Meebo is contributing to global warming.

And I'll say this: Just knowing that there's a blog out there that exists solely to poke holes in Web apps reminds me how important it is to look at products in this market very critically. There are lots of great ideas where the implementation lacks, for example.

Found on: Valleywag.