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Web 2.0 Expo Ignite wrap-up: Session one

What happens when you get this many people in one room with a slide show that never stops? Who knows! We're here to cover it.

I'm at O'Reilly's Web 2.0 Expo kick-off, called Ignite--which is what most speakers are doing to the microphone. The premise is simple, you've got 20 slides, and each one automatically advances every 15 seconds.The result? Speakers sound like they're running a live auction.

Notably, ZDNet's Ryan Stewart gave us a brief overview of his blog, Advancing User Experience with Rich Internet Applications, and told the audience we should keep our eyes on Adobe's Apollo (previous coverage).

Christy Canida of Instructables talked about how user-submitted designs for toys have been so successful for the site dedicated to do-it-yourself instructions. If you've never visited it before, it has all sorts of design instructions to help you turn anything into a Skype phone (among other neat projects).

Salim Ismail of Confabb discussed its new service, which is like a Yelp for conferences (business or otherwise). Conference goers can review their conference experiences, add media from attended events, and network with others.

Session two is just around the corner with Justin of and Nik Cubrilovic from Omnidrive, among others. Stick around!