Waze now lets you add and edit places

The crowdsourced navigation app introduces a feature called Waze Places that lets you add details and photos of places you discover along your route.

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Lance Whitney
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Waze has enhanced its popular crowdsourced navigation app with tweaks designed to improve the accuracy of its maps.

Updated on Monday for both Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems, Waze version 3.9 unveils a feature called Waze Places. In short, the feature lets you add your own places to the maps. You can add or edit business and residential spots that you find along your travels, noting details such as whether a place offers parking. You can even add photos of the place to help fellow Waze users more easily track it down.

"When you're headed to your destination, you will also see a redesigned preview screen containing all Places info added by other Wazers," the folks at Waze said in a blog posted Monday. "All this info will ensure that you are navigating to the right place and help you recognize your destination before you approach it."

One new feature may be of the greatest benefit, particularly to people who can never remember where they park. You can now drive with Waze turned on until you actually find a parking spot. You can then keep track of that spot by tapping its location on the app with an automatic parking pin. When it's time to hunt down your car, simply look for the pin to point you in the right direction.

Google purchased Waze in 2013, but the navigation app still operates as its own separate program. However, Google has slowly incorporated some of the features of Waze into its own Google Maps app.