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Watch the Presidential crawl at leisure with Map the Candidates

Where's your favorite candidate? Look, and watch with Mapthecandidates.com.

The presidential crawl back and forth across the country is less of a race and more of a marathon. At this point, there are a lot of candidates on both sides, and likewise an onslaught of news coverage. To help keep track of it all, there's a new site, aptly named Map the Candidates, which does just that. It's a Google maps mashup of where candidates are, and what they're doing in the form of news feeds and video clips.

Each candidate gets an icon to match their campaign branding, and various map markers around the country let you know what they're up to and where it's taking place. The tool will mash up news stories, and links to their sources, alongside upcoming campaign events. The neatest feature, however, is the embedded YouTube clips of candidate speeches and local news coverage that have been geocoded to show you where it happened. You can watch the entire video without leaving the site.

There are several ways to tweak what you see on the map. You can pick which candidates you want to view, or drop an entire side, like the Republicans or Democrats. Each candidate gets their own profile page as well, aggregating how many times they've visited each state alongside a news feed containing stories and videos on all the recorded campaign stops they've made.

Keep in mind if you're looking for breaking news, local campaign issues, and deep analysis, you're better off visiting a special political coverage page on major news outlets. In the meantime, this is a handy tool to see where the candidates have clustered.

See what and where candidates are on the U.S. campaign trail. CNET Networks