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Vimeo launches video freelancer marketplace to book gigs

And Vimeo doesn't take a cut.

Vimeo launches a "For Hire" marketplace.

Video site Vimeo launched a marketplace for video jobs, designed to connect creators looking for gigs with businesses, brands and agencies that need freelance video pros. Any paid Vimeo member can be included in the marketplace by marking his or her account as "available for hire," and people on the hunt to hire someone can post listings via their own Vimeo accounts. 

The company doesn't take any cut of the exchange, and payment takes place off its platform. 

Vimeo has long attracted an independent auteur set because of its absence of advertising and its high-quality viewing options, setting it apart from its much bigger competitor YouTube. Whereas YouTube is the place to aim for mass audience, Vimeo has leaned into its base of pros and aspiring amateurs in the last few years, developing tools catering more to filmmaker types. 

CEO Anjali Sud said Vimeo's hiring tool will streamline a process that right now tends to occur over informal networks and word-of-mouth. 

"Anyone with a video project can easily find industry-leading pros available to work in their desired location, match their needs with the right skillsets and budget, and get their videos made," she said in a statement. "Best of all, Vimeo is empowering our creative community to get paid doing what they do best."

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