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Video site lays off 11

CEO says the company is planning on hiring the same number in the future, just with different skill sets.

Video site has laid off about 11 workers, according to CEO Keith Richman.

The Beverly Hills, Calif.-based company, which was once considered a YouTube competitor in video sharing, now bills itself as an online "entertainment destination for guys." It's planning to hire the same number of people in the future, just "with different skill sets," Richman said.

"Essentially, we are profitable," Richman said in an e-mail Wednesday night. "We have 80 people, are growing 100 percent year over year and still actively hiring for a bunch of jobs."

So isn't the ailing economy affecting Break's business?

"At the end of our quarter we just looked at what was working well and are focusing more efforts on that," Richman said. "The other stuff was working OK, but just not as profitable."

Richman said that the people let go came from most divisions within the company. bankrolls promising videographers and also partners with production companies to produce higher-quality content than amateur-made clips.