Vicinity has new direction

Vicinity launches a driving directions service on Yahoo and Travelocity.

Jeff Pelline Staff Writer, CNET News.com
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Jeff Pelline
Getting around town got easier today when Vicinity confirmed a driving directions service on Yahoo and Travelocity, as previously reported by CNET.

Dubbed Driving Directions, the service gives you turn-by-turn instructions to a business or retail outlet on a map after typing in the address on your computer.

Yahoo Yellow Pages, for example, will produce maps with driving directions to any chosen destination. The service was demonstrated today at the Yellow Pages Publisher's Association annual conference in Florida.

The Yahoo Yellow pages services is expected to go online for public use Monday. A link to it can be found on Yahoo's front page.

Travelocity is a leading Web travel site for planning business and vacation travel. It lists travel destinations, airline schedules, and fares, as well as hotel and car reservations.

Vicinity provides Web publishers, sites, and advertisers with a geographically oriented choice of information services that can be customized. The company was launched in August 1995.

"Moving forward, we plan to continue improving upon all of our properties and services, working with new technologies and enhancements as they emerge," said Jeff Mallett, senior vice president of business operations at Yahoo in a statement.