Vevo expands its reach in Europe

The online music service continues its global expansion, moving into a new trio of European nations.

Charlie Osborne Contributing Writer
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Charlie Osborne
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Vevo has launched today in Spain, Italy and France, bringing the expansion of the online music service to 10 countries.

The free entertainment platform first appeared in the United States in 2009. Other markets where Vevo is available include the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil.

Today's launch means consumers in the new European markets will be able to access over 50,000 tracks and 4,500 music videos currently hosted on the platform.

Germany is still barred from the service, although Vevo is currently looking into ways to launch there. As The Next Web notes, the country has complicated music copyright laws, which YouTube has previously had to combat.

Available on Vevo.com and through Android and iOS-supported apps for smartphones and tablets, Vevo says the platform will be connected to the XBox and mobile Web in the coming weeks.

Nic Jones, Vevo's senior vice president of international operations, said: "We take special pride in offering the best in premium music video programming, grounded in local repertoire to deliver a total music viewing experience across every connected platform."

Vevo is a joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Abu Dhabi Media, all of which partnered with the firm in 2009, while AT&T provides branding and marketing assistance, and content from EMI is also available.

Music streaming service Spotify is one of Vevo's main rivals, and reports suggest it is near to closing a $100 million financing round that would bring the value of the company to over $3 billion dollars.