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Updated QuickBooks helps businesses get Googled

New version of accounting software for small businesses has also been designed to increase efficiency.

Intuit announced on Monday the latest version of its popular small-business accounting software, QuickBooks 2007. There are 25 products and services in this year's edition, which includes new ways to promote a business online, process credit card payments and track employees' hours.

In a new partnership with Google announced last week, QuickBooks 2007 will feature access to Google AdWords, Google Maps and Google Base. Small-business owners can select keywords associated with their products or services so that an ad featuring the business pops up when the terms are searched on Google. Product-based businesses will be able to list their goods and inventory for local buyers on Google Base, and each company can manage its own listing information on Google Maps.

The latest installment of the software should be easier to use, according to Intuit. A simplified setup process recommends an accounting chart to new users based on the type of business, and a new payroll dashboard displays exactly how much money is owed to employees and the government, and which forms to fill out.

QuickBooks 2007 is also intended to increase efficiency--payroll can now be run for all workers at once, instead of individually, and data entry does not have to stop if the accountant needs to log in to check the books.

The software will be available Oct. 11.