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Unleash your inner vandal with Vidavee Graffiti

Want to vandalize a YouTube video? Give Vidavee Graffiti a try.

Vandalism is a primal urge for some, and even little things like tearing up junk mail can unleash the inner vandal in all of us. Vidavee wants you to run with that feeling, with its new service Vidavee Graffiti. Essentially, Vidavee Graffiti lets you drop in a number of Flash animations that run on top of hosted Flash videos (like YouTube). The entire interface runs in your Web browser, so there's nothing to download and no rendering is required. The point is to have fun, and likely at the video's expense.

There are 21 preset animations at your disposal, and it's handled through a simple drag-and-drop manager. For each effect you get some basic timeline control, to set how long it will be on the screen and at what point it appears in the clip. In my test video I managed to add over 20 effects to a three-minute clip, and the interface didn't even hiccup. Most of the effects right now are fairly kitschy, including a giant baby chicken that will envelop the screen and peck your content. There are also space aliens and fake explosions. Kids are going to love this.

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When you're all done, you've got two simple sharing options--a link to your creation, and an embedded code for blogs and social networking profiles. There's not really an option to save it locally or re-upload it to a video hosting service, which is kind of a shame. I bet people would have a lot of fun inserting the giant baby chicken into videos, or making their own horror movie using Vidavee for cheesy special effects. I had my way with a Diet Coke and Mentos clip from YouTube--you can watch my Vidavee Graffiti clip here.

Eventually, Vidavee wants you to be able to add your own effects to videos and create your own set of effect presets. I can easily see this turning into a small social network of its own. In the meantime it's an eclectic time-waster with potential for mayhem.

[Found on Mashable]