Uber Eats launches prescription delivery throughout Texas

The service is starting prescription delivery in Dallas, Austin and Houston, and says it plans to expand to other states.

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Uber is launching prescription delivery in Dallas, Austin and Houston, Texas, the service told CNET on Thursday. The prescription option will be available within the Uber Eats app, connecting the ride-hailing service's users with independent, local pharmacies for delivery. 

Users in the participating cities will have access to on-demand prescription delivery, where they can transfer existing prescriptions and fulfill new ones. The service will allow customers to track their prescriptions from the pharmacy to their house.

"At Uber, we know that getting prescription delivery at the tap of a button is more important now than ever before, and we're working hard to make Uber Eats a destination for more household needs," Stephanie Ficaja, the head of Uber Eats, said in an emailed release.

Uber plans to expand its prescription delivery services to other states, it noted.