Uber's wheelchair accessible vehicles come to London

UberWAV, which summons a wheelchair-capable car, goes live in the UK's capital today, having already debuted across the US.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
Jeff Moore

Uber has expanded its wheelchair-friendly fleet to London, giving disabled customers the power to call a car that features a rear-entry ramp, winch and restraints.

The popular cab-calling app, which has proved controversial in the UK, inciting protests from traditional black cabs, has already brought its wheelchair-accessible service, dubbed UberWAV, to more than 10 US cities including Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington. Toronto and Sydney are also covered. UberWAV carries the same cost UberX, and can now be booked across Greater London.


Uber says that UberWAV drivers will have "received Disability Equality Training from Transport for All, and Inclusion London."

In the same statement, Uber said, "We will be working hard to keep waiting times as low as possible as the service expands but in the first few weeks we expect average wait times of around 25 mins in zones 1-2 and 40 mins in zones 3-4."