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TypeRacer tests your typing skills, patience

Put those typing skills to work.

This past week at the Web 2.0 Expo has been a great chance to meet up with other bloggers and come face to face with some of the companies we write about every day. It's also a great time to see how other people work, as we're all packed into small seats in large auditoriums, or scouring rooms for the last remaining outlet to get the necessary wattage to keep writing.

A side effect of that was seeing our own Caroline McCarthy in action, typing away. In case you're wondering part of the reason she's so productive, it's her keyboard skills--which I think put her in the league of a court stenographer. If you'd like to know how you stack up in the typing world, there's TypeRacer--a wonderfully simple game that pits you up against other typers, and of course your 100-plus key stead.

The goal is to type as well as you can to get your car from point A to point B. All the while you can compete with other users in real time and "race" across the landscape of the English language.

The one nice thing about TypeRacer compared with Keybr(review) is that it uses real words. It's also a stickler about errors, requiring you to go back and make any fixes before continuing the race, keeping lead-finger slopsters from winning based on speed alone. I'm not really sure if TypeRacer really helps you type any faster, but it sure is fun.

What's your score?

[via Kotaku]

See how your typing skills stack up with TypeRacer. And yes, in case you were wondering: Even the fastest cars are still VW Beetles. CNET Networks