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Two Flickr eye-candy tools for your Monday

Got a case of the Mondays? Need something to stare at beside spreadsheets? Check these services out.

      Here's a mosaic we put together using Image Mosaic Generator and the Webware 100 logo.

      The Flickr API has opened up a lot of fun tools over the years. This morning we got a tip about Image Mosaic Generator, a free service that creates neat-looking picture mosaics of uploaded images. The service uses Flickr images to make up each mosaic and lets users save the end result to their hard drive. Images have a fair bit of variation, although you're likely to see a few repeats close up. The service doesn't link back to the original Flickr images, which is a bit disappointing, but as a result, handles the conversion from image to mosaic in just a few minutes.

      This is by no means one of the first tools to do this, but one of the simplest Web-based ones I've run into. Also worth checking out if you're playing around with Adobe's Apollo runtime, is Developer Derrick Grigg's mosaic creator, which lets you use Flickr shots that match search criteria. This could come in handy if you have a beach picture, as you could run it through the tool using public photos related to beaches.

      Flickrvision shows you newly geotagged shots on Flickr using a Google Map. CNET Networks

      The one thing these Web-based services still can't do is pull local photos on your hard drive to make up the mosaic, something that's not easily accomplished without software and a hefty photo library.

      Flickrvision is a fun mashup that shows you real-time photos people have geotagged on Flickr using a Google Map. Mousing over them will display a larger preview and information about the shot in a lightbox pop-up. You can also click the thumbnail to go straight to the original shot.

      Flickrvision was created by the same developer who made Twittervision, a similar service that shows the latest Twitter posts and where they originated from.

      Flickr has its own mashup of geotagged photos, although it doesn't show real-time results like Flickrvision does.